October the 17th already! Where has this month gone?

I wanted to highlight the importance of Powers of Attorney and why you might need one.

Let’s face it none of us want to think about needing help with our finances or health but there comes a time when we need it. If you have planned well and have a Power of Attorney in place and registered, it will be so much easier for you and those around who care for you.

Just think about this scenario. If you are hospitalised and can’t access your pension, or your bank account and your bills need paying. What are you going to do? Who will ensure your gas and electricity don’t get cut off. It’s so easy to bury our heads and not think about the “what ifs”.

The trouble is, I see the situations that arise when people haven’t planned and not only can it be costly but also it can be very damaging to family dynamics.

The Lasting Power of Attorney eases the pressure as the donor (person to who the Power of Attorney refers) can stipulate who the attorneys will be and what they are to do on behalf of the donor for both financial matters and health matters.

Make an appointment with us to discuss your requirements.

Working hand in hand with our clients.

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