February 2020

🍁The month of February, although notably short in duration, has seen some dreadful weather and the areas affected by flooding and high winds must feel like the month was never ending. We were very fortunate to have only lost 4 fence panels as others had it so much worse. It’s times like these, in adversity, we think about the importance of family and friends.

The tree that came down in Cheam Park has now been made safe; following our request to the council to turn it into a climbing area for the children. We love Cheam Park and this is so important for the history of the park too. The link takes you to the Sutton Guardian and their coverage of our plight. 🍁

The news has also been alarming with the reporting of a possible pandemic of Coronavirus and the people and countries this has affected so far.

However spring is around the corner and with this season comes lighter mornings and evenings, new growth on the plants and trees. I especially love the blossom at this time of year although it does cause me to have hay fever. 🌸

The Avalon Legal team have been busy over the last month. Grace has had lots of exciting opportunities and her next one is Aladdin where she is playing Omar. Grace is excited and has been rehearsing but she really isn’t loving the idea of being dressed as a boy. Grace has also been chosen to sing at Epsom Playhouse with her School, so that will be a lovely event too. 🎬

Colin has been busy during the month with Avalon Legal work and we appreciate all the recommendations and reviews. The Local Mums on line recommendation and review was lovely. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š


Being self employed has many advantages and fits in with family life. The way we work enables our clients to have appointments when it is convenient to them.

I am on my second year of the business degree and enjoying it. It gives greater insight and understanding of how businesses work; and creates opportunity for personal growth and development.

The Avalon Legal team are supporters and champions of other small businesses; we always take the opportunity to try services and feedback to our business groups.


Avalon Legal will be sponsoring a local club this year and more details will follow soon. 

This our link to our website:


We hope you have a fantastic March and that spring brings better weather. 🌺

Team Avalon Legal

Karen, Colin and Grace πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

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