February 2020

🍁The month of February, although notably short in duration, has seen some dreadful weather and the areas affected by flooding and high winds must feel like the month was never ending. We were very fortunate to have only lost 4 fence panels as others had it so much worse. It’s times like these, in adversity, we think about the importance of family and friends.

The tree that came down in Cheam Park has now been made safe; following our request to the council to turn it into a climbing area for the children. We love Cheam Park and this is so important for the history of the park too. The link takes you to the Sutton Guardian and their coverage of our plight. 🍁

The news has also been alarming with the reporting of a possible pandemic of Coronavirus and the people and countries this has affected so far.

However spring is around the corner and with this season comes lighter mornings and evenings, new growth on the plants and trees. I especially love the blossom at this time of year although it does cause me to have hay fever. 🌸

The Avalon Legal team have been busy over the last month. Grace has had lots of exciting opportunities and her next one is Aladdin where she is playing Omar. Grace is excited and has been rehearsing but she really isn’t loving the idea of being dressed as a boy. Grace has also been chosen to sing at Epsom Playhouse with her School, so that will be a lovely event too. 🎬

Colin has been busy during the month with Avalon Legal work and we appreciate all the recommendations and reviews. The Local Mums on line recommendation and review was lovely. 👍😊


Being self employed has many advantages and fits in with family life. The way we work enables our clients to have appointments when it is convenient to them.

I am on my second year of the business degree and enjoying it. It gives greater insight and understanding of how businesses work; and creates opportunity for personal growth and development.

The Avalon Legal team are supporters and champions of other small businesses; we always take the opportunity to try services and feedback to our business groups.


Avalon Legal will be sponsoring a local club this year and more details will follow soon. 

This our link to our website:


We hope you have a fantastic March and that spring brings better weather. 🌺

Team Avalon Legal

Karen, Colin and Grace 👨‍👩‍👧


January has been a very busy month for us. We had a lot of fun celebrating Grace’s Birthday.

We always use local businesses, where possible and we had such fantastic services.

PandiBakes organised a cupcake and craft party for Grace. The children loved it and repeatedly said it was the “best party ever”. Amy even organised impromptu dancing at the end.

Grace’s Birthday cake was just beautiful and made by Tams Cakes and Cookies. It was stunning and tasted delicious.

The balloons, we ordered as usual, from BBL Design Florists in Ewell. I got the job of carrying them down the high street to Glyn Hall. I did feel like Mary Poppins and about to take off in the wind.

The sandwiches were ordered from All Things Nice in Ewell and the children loved them.

Nic Chappell took the photos for us to capture the special moments that would have been missed otherwise. The photos are lovely.

We have been busy with our business too and really enjoy being able to help people. Our focus this month has been on Lasting Powers of Attorney and have created informative posts, to help with understanding the need for these important documents. If you would like more information or an appointment to discuss this, please email us at info@avalonlegal.org.

We are pleased to advise that our registered office address has moved from Leatherhead to Epsom.

We continue to offer evening and weekend appointments as well as day time appointments. We come to you at a time that suits you.

Case Study- We thought it would be helpful to give a case study. Names and circumstances have been changed for confidentiality.

This case study relates to a man called Eric who had been married to his wife Anne, for over 50 years. They were both retired and in their mid-70’s. They had two adult children and two grandchildren and had great grandchildren on the way.

Sadly, Anne died several years ago and Eric, naturally was now on his own for the first time in over 50 years, was starting to struggle to look after himself and was becoming more reliant on the children to help with various things.

It was at this point the children contacted us expressing concerns about Eric’s situation and asking if we could help. We contacted Eric directly and with his consent, we arranged to meet at his home for a free no obligation chat.

Eric explained to us that he was not as mobile as he once was and did not get out to the shops and the bank much, becoming more and more reliant on help and support from the two children. However he knew that the children were finding it difficult to sort some things out and wanted to make it as easy and convenient as possible for his two children to help him.

After discussing matters with us fully, Eric decided it would be in his best interest to make Lasting Powers of Attorney appointing the two children to be his attorneys enabling the children to make any important decisions on his behalf. Eric wanted to make a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Affairs to enable the children to deal with finances and also a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare to enable the children to make decisions about his health and welfare if he was ever unable to make those decisions himself.

We explained to Eric the total costs for us making both types of Lasting power of Attorney and sorting everything out.

We then drafted all the necessary paperwork and called to see Eric at his home again to go through it all and get it all signed off. We also agreed to be Eric’s “Certificate Provider” at no extra cost. After the children had also signed the documentation, we then arranged to register both the Lasting Powers of Attorney at the Office for the Public Guardian and then sent the registered Lasting Powers of Attorney back to Eric, in preparation for the children to act on his behalf.

Overall it took about three months from beginning to end to sort out. Eric and the children now have fully legal Lasting powers of Attorney for Property and Affairs and Health and Welfare in place to enable his children to fully support and help look after Eric for the rest of his life.

If you or a loved one feel you might benefit from making a Lasting Power of Attorney please visit our website at http://www.avalonlegal.org or call us for a free no obligation chat on 02086444441 or 07506583669.


One of our favourite parks

How are you all? I can’t believe it is November, this year has gone so quickly.

One of the highlights of the year was being interviewed by the Crohn’s and Colitis organisation. A very positive and powerful interview about the impact of Crohn’s on everyday life and the amazing journey this last year has taken us on.

Today I am focusing on explaining about why a valid Will is so important.

Unfortunately we get to hear of the circumstances when a person dies without a Will.

When a person dies without a Will the estate is distributed following certain rules.

Under these rules of intestacy only those that are married, civil partners and other close relations can inherit.

Sometimes people decide to write their own Will. If it is not written correctly and not legally valid, the rules of intestacy will decide on the estate distribution. Nobody wants this outcome.

Avalon Legal offer a bespoke service, with over 19 years in the profession. We are experienced and professional.

Avalon Legal offer home visits as standard, many people would rather have an appointment in the comfort of their own home.

Give us a call to arrange an appointment.

We look forward to being able to help you.

Enjoy the rest of November.

All the best



October the 17th already! Where has this month gone?

I wanted to highlight the importance of Powers of Attorney and why you might need one.

Let’s face it none of us want to think about needing help with our finances or health but there comes a time when we need it. If you have planned well and have a Power of Attorney in place and registered, it will be so much easier for you and those around who care for you.

Just think about this scenario. If you are hospitalised and can’t access your pension, or your bank account and your bills need paying. What are you going to do? Who will ensure your gas and electricity don’t get cut off. It’s so easy to bury our heads and not think about the “what ifs”.

The trouble is, I see the situations that arise when people haven’t planned and not only can it be costly but also it can be very damaging to family dynamics.

The Lasting Power of Attorney eases the pressure as the donor (person to who the Power of Attorney refers) can stipulate who the attorneys will be and what they are to do on behalf of the donor for both financial matters and health matters.

Make an appointment with us to discuss your requirements.

Working hand in hand with our clients.

Probate Fees Scrapped…

After much debate and previously being put on hold during the last election, the proposed increase in fees being paid to the Probate Registry have been scrapped.

The article featured in the Daily Mail (link below) and I’m sure there will be an announcement from HM Court and Tribunal Services to follow.


For further information contact us by email info@avalonlegal.org or by telephone on 07506583669 or 02086444441

Every picture tells a story

Woken up last night with the rabbit thumping, went to see if she was ok and Mr fox was there. Great start to the day. That 2am wake up call left me awake and thinking. 🤔

How do you support the local community? It’s so important to everyone to support locally. Over many years businesses have grown, the development of the supermarket and department stores led to the demise of local areas. Money goes to fund these new shopping developments and local retailers and businesses can’t compete. They are left to either ‘adapt or die’.

But recently there has been a change in culture. Large stores and shopping developments are struggling and closing after many years in business. What’s changed?

Well the way we shop and buy things has evolved and the online presence is ever growing. However people are also looking to small businesses to purchase items and use local services. Small businesses appear to have adapted faster with their online presence than the larger corporate businesses. This has been to their advantage.

Small businesses not only offer a personal service but are more adaptable and flexible to their customers needs. Social media is a great way to grow your business and get known locally.

Did you know we have two business groups? You can share your businesses on them and network. The more interactive you are, the more you will get from it.

Avalon Legal offer you a bespoke service. We offer what others don’t and that is flexibility. We come to you at a time that suits you, after work, in your lunch break, whenever is convenient to you. A professional service, that’s affordable and tailored to your needs.

We also support our local community and network with local businesses.

How do you support your local community and local businesses?

We hope you have a great weekend.

Fabulous Friday

I don’t know about you but I’m pleased it’s Friday. Although we see clients at weekends upon request; the weekend signifies no School (but homework) and this weekend will be spent designing and making a gingerbread house for a School project.

We are still busy but it’s in a relaxed way. Tomorrow is strictly, which our daughter loves. She spends most of the time dancing along with the strictly stars on TV.

The weekend also brings more Blaze classes and Exercise as I find exercise a really powerful way to de stress and feel energised.

Grace has also got to learn new songs from Aladdin, as she will be performing in that production next year. I keep being asked what role I would choose in Aladdin! I thought long and hard about this and Karen would play the Genie. Those of you that know Karen would agree with this I’m sure. Not sure who I would play though 🤔

Well I hope you have a good weekend and you get to spend some quality time with those you love.

Leading the way

It’s been a great first year in business for Avalon Legal.

We had a vision to provide an exceptional, personal service for our clients. We wanted to offer what others aren’t offering, evening and weekend appointments. We know our clients work and lead busy lives, trying to get anything done during working hours is impossible. We wanted to change that and offer a new way to offer clients our services.

If you would like to make an appointment we have a Facebook page and website that you can book through, making it easy for you to plan your appointments. You can also email us or call us to arrange an appointment.

Avalon Legal offer transparency and unlike others we list our fees on our website. This helps you to know exactly what our fees are, there are no hidden extras. If you need a Will, or advice about your Will, Powers of Attorney or help with Probate, contact us.

We give you as much time as you need to ensure your piece of mind.

Avalon Legal are market leaders and are leading the way with innovative ways of ensuring you get the service you need.